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Aging is Now | Aging is the Future Entrepreneurship Symposium

September 8, 2023

USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology Auditorium

This one-day gathering of practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders will offer discussion, knowledge-sharing, and networking regarding business opportunities in products, services and systems for the emerging market of older adults.

A Collaboration Between

The Future of Aging

$96 trillion

The 50-plus population accounted for half of global consumer spending ($35 trillion) in 2020, and by 2050 this figure will reach nearly 60% ($96 trillion).

Source: AARP


of small businesses are owned by people age 55+, a group that makes up 21% of the U.S. population.

Source: Score


of working adults believe that consumers 50 and over are being ignored by marketers, according to a survey of 931 older adults conducted by marketing specialists at Age of Majority.

Featured Speakers

Pinchas Cohen

Dean, USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Abby Fifer Mandell

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, USC Marshall School of Business

Chris Farrell

Senior Economics Contributer, American Public Media

Katy Fike

Partner, Generator Ventures; Co-Founder, Aging2.0